PostHeaderIcon MergeXMLTV 0.2 Beta

This is a free command line tool to combine and filter xmltv files of different sources.

Usage : MergeXMLTV configfile destinationfile sourcefile1 [sourcefile2 sourcefile3.....]
configfile will be automatically created.

This is free software, hence without any guarantees. Use at your own risk!

If you want another name in the destination file, then fill in the replace-name attribute.
When there are multiple display-name attributes and the replace-name does not equal display-name only one display-name will be copied.
The same counts for id, you can replace that in the destination file by filling the replace-id attribute.
Valid values for the action attribute are Copy, Ignore and Merge.
When using Merge as action, make sure you fill the replace-id with the same sting as the replace-id of the channel you want to merge with!

Have fun!!!

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 14 September 2011 01:00 )